Xtalic materials can unlock your product’s next level of performance. Our technology fundamentally changes your product’s value proposition — generating greater competitive advantage and additional revenue for your business. While our solutions can represent a fraction of your product’s total bill of materials cost, they can generate major enhancements in value and performance.

At Xtalic, our materials have been applied to:

  • Waterproof smartphones
  • Reduce precious metal
  • Extend the lives of electric vehicle chargers
  • Increase automotive fuel efficiency
  • Improve the safety of wearables
  • Enhance the performance of rare-earth magnets

Learn how Xtalic can transform your products.

Waterproof Smartphones

Xtalic uses proprietary alloys and multilayer coatings to protect mobile device connectors from corrosion.

Precious Metal Reduction

Xtalic designs contact surface solutions that deliver equivalent or better performance while providing a lower precious metal expense.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Xtalic’s nanostructure materials significantly enhance connectors’ hardness and corrosion resistance on electric vehicle chargers.


Xtalic enables the transportation industries to incorporate previously unusable lightweight materials to improve fuel efficiency.

Safe Wearables

Xtalic creates a durable, corrosion-resistant, nickel-free contact surface that is not harmful to humans and can eliminate the high cost of gold.

Performance Magnets

Xtalic’s magnet coating provides greater magnetic transparency, eliminates rare-earth etching, and improves corrosion resistance.