Our Technology

Xtalic is the trusted advisor in breakthrough material solutions for market leaders with mission-critical problems. Our technology unlocks a customer’s next level of performance by utilizing a fundamental shift in the thermodynamics of nanocrystals. This technology was developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) by the research group of Professor Chris Schuh, Xtalic’s chief scientist and co-founder.

Xtalic’s proprietary road map of stable nanostructured alloys enables the unique ability to quickly develop and commercialize patentable materials, solutions, and processes. Our company has broad coverage on existing alloys with over 30 patent families granted and more than 40 pending. Global patent coverage includes state-of-matter, methods, and application-based intellectual property.

Xtalic materials are created through an electrodeposition process that utilizes at least two materials — a primary material and an alloying element. The alloying element sits at the grain boundary of the primary material and provides stability over temperature and time. By increasing the amount of alloying element, Xtalic tailors the primary material’s grain size and controls its properties (see figure 1). Adjusting the amount of alloying element during deposition alloys customers to choose graded options if a homogenous solutions is not sufficient. Stack solutions are created for customers consisting of Xtalic and off-the-shelf materials when a single material or graded solution is not sufficient to meet application demands.

Figure 1.

Xtalic is a leader in plating nanostructured alloys from both aqueous and non-aqueous ionic liquids using periodic, pulse-reverse plating. We use our proprietary understanding of thermodynamic stability during alloy selection with our unique skills in plating technology to design and build custom alloys. Xtalic tailors grain sizes and optimizes alloy concentrations during electrodeposition that produce a single-phase, super-saturated, solid-solution alloy.

We also lead the industry in plating materials using non-aqueous ionic liquids. These unique electrolytes allow us to electroplate materials that have been impossible to plate in the past such as aluminum. This technology is now being commercialized through products such as XTALIUM, a suite of nanostructured aluminum alloys. Xtalic continues to build on its expertise in electroplating in ionic liquids through research and development of unconventional alloys.

Our Partnering Philosophy

While Xtalic holds unique expertise in the development of high-performance alloys, we rely on industry-leading partners to understand how value is added in new applications. Every fielded product started with a technical collaboration around a high-value opportunity. We target the creation of materials that can have broad impact — first validating them with partners, but ultimately developing the solution to have industry-wide availability. We continue to pursue partnerships that invent new alloys that help unlock a product’s next level of performance.