Our Products

Xtalic is commercializing new super-saturated, single-phase, solid-solution materials with grain sizes typically in the 10 nm to 50 nm range.


A nanostructured nickel alloy that utilizes tungsten to stabilize grain boundaries and control overall grain size. It has a high hardness of > 650 HV. The alloy is commercialized as a barrier layer alternative in connector stacks to extend life or reduce precious metal cost in smartphone, electric vehicle, and enterprise server markets.


A nanostructured silver alloy that utilizes tungsten to stabilize grain boundaries. It has a higher hardness of ~200 HV with electrical properties that replicate hard gold. LUNA extends the life of electric vehicle connectors and removes nickel from wearables and hearables to ensure safe contact with human skin.


A suite of nanostructured aluminum materials with application-dependent alloying elements. Hardness ranges from 200 HV to 500 HV. The alloys can be hard anodized for enhanced corrosion and have a large palette of color options. XTALIUM increases the performance of magnets in space-constrained applications and helps vehicle light weighting.