Xtalic products are enabling the transportation industries to incorporate previously unusable lightweight materials in aircraft and automobiles to improve their fuel efficiency.

Aerospace Applications

Xtalic’s XTALIUM coatings add corrosion protection to lightweight aluminum alloys that are particularly corrosion-sensitive. This permits the construction of aircraft components from much lighter alloys that were previously impractical due to corrosion.

Automotive Applications

Xtalic is developing materials that will enable the use of magnesium — the world’s lightest structural metal. Magnesium is highly corrosive when it contacts other metals, but Xtalic’s durable, corrosion-resistant coatings enable the use of magnesium for a range of automotive components. The magnesium parts are coated with an XTALIUM alloy that looks and acts like aluminum and provides substantial corrosion protection. This technology allows the use of lightweight magnesium to improve the vehicle’s fuel efficiency.