Future Markets and Applications

Xtalic participates in a number of markets and applications to develop industry specific solutions for existing and new issues. All new alloys start with a high value industry problem and a key partner that would like to differentiate their company and product using our novel technology. We are open to discussing how our partners can work with you and your team in order to tackle difficult material problems in oil and gas, automotive, aerospace, medical and many other markets.

Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas

Xtalic provides nanostructured metal alloys for many applications in the oil and gas exploration industry.  Corrosion, erosion and wear protection are critical materials issues affecting the life span of important oil and gas equipment such as pipes, rods, couplings, rotors and other components used in exploration, completion and lift operations.

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In an industry driven to achieve better fuel efficiency, the demand to innovate with lightweight materials is strong.  Xtalic provides nanostructured aluminum alloys with the strength of steel and the lightweight properties of aluminum, which is attractive if you have weight reducing initiatives. Nano-Al is one example of how we are working with the industry to solve issues within automotive manufacturing. As this market evolves with the addition of new technology – such as sensors used in autonomous vehicles and battery technology for hybrid and electric vehicles – our ability to create new alloy sets becomes even more valuable.

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Batteries will be a major focus for multiple industries in the next ten years. Whether the market is defense, mobile, wearables or automotive, batteries need to last longer, weigh less and charge faster. Xtalic provides nanostructured aluminum alloys with potential applications in the Li-ion battery industry, along with Dynamic Nanostructured Control© to build new alloys. This provides a competitive advantage during situations where battery technology is in transition.

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