Oil and Gas



Xtalic provides nanostructured metal alloys for many applications in the oil and gas exploration industry. Corrosion, erosion and wear protection are critical materials issues affecting the life span of important oil and gas equipment such as pipes, rods, couplings, rotors and other components used in exploration, completion and lift operations. In many applications high performance coatings can be a cost-effective approach to improving the performance of the surface layer without investing in extremely expensive base-metal materials. Our nanostructured metal alloys are engineered to have extremely high strength and high hardness, which are attractive for erosion and wear protection. Furthermore, nanostructured alloys have superior corrosion resistance compared to their traditionally structured cousins, making them highly useful in corrosive environments. Our pulse-reverse plating technology is well suited to the application of nanostructured alloys for use as coatings ranging in thickness from a few microns to hundreds of microns.

Xtalic provides alloy systems that can perform as functional coatings to replace other coating technologies, which might have health or environmental issues.   For example, our Ni-base nanostructured alloy can be considered as a replacement for hard chromium and offers superior wear resistance. Our Al-base nanostructured alloy can be considered as a replacement for cadmium and offers superior corrosion resistance.

Please contact us with your toughest materials challenges to discuss an Xtalic nanostructured alloy that will meet your needs.