Nickel Free Solutions For Skin Contact

Xtalic designs high performance metal solutions that resist corrosion and do not contain nickel, which can lead to skin irritation.

LUNA® IC is high performing nickel free solution for pogo pins and other electrical contacts that may be in contact with skin.

Pogo Pins and barrel plated electrical contacts are typically used in wearables for charging and data transfer. Nickel is used on pogo pins as a barrier layer but if corrosion or wear exposes the material, it can cause contact dermatitis for the user.

Gold and silver are used as final finish materials due to their noble characteristics. But if they are not protected from the substrate, they will interdiffuse and loose the properties needed for a final finish. As a result, a nickel barrier layer is used to protect these final finishes from interdiffusion. LUNA® will not interdiffuse with the substrate materials. Therefore, it can be plated directly on the substrate and maintain the temperature and time sensitive properties required for a final finish.

LUNA® – An Effective Cu Diffusion Barrier