Enhancing Wear And Performance

Xtalic designs high performance metal solutions for environment facing electrical contact surfaces. It extends the life of electronics when they are exposed to immersion, spills and sweat; and for challenging wear applications.

IC Plus™ is an engineered multilayer stack that extends performance life by more than a factor of 20, even in the most demanding environments.

XTRONIC® is our nanostructure alloy that dramatically improves wear performance.

Immersion Corrosion (Artificial Perspiration @ 5Volts) + Durability

Industry Standard
0.75μm Au/Ni

2 cycles = Corrosion breakthrough to substrate
5 cycles = Significant corrosion and wear damage to VBUS pins

IC Plus

45 cycles = No corrosion or wear damage to VBUS pins

Contact Profiles After 10K Mating Cycles

Industry Standard .75μ Au/NiS:
Heavy wear seen at interface.

.75μ Au/XTRONIC®:
Minimal wear seen at interface.