Current Markets and Applications

Xtalic creates performance alloys that are used in a wide range of electronics applications to increase performance and reduce costs.

Mobile Solutions

Xtalic alloys provide I/O connector surfaces with dramatically enhanced immersion corrosion protection, improved wear performance and reduced precious metal expense. Our alloys are a good choice if you are looking to waterproof mobile devices, remove nickel from wearables and have more control over precious metal price fluctuations. We continue to push the envelope with patented technology in order to serve your evolving market needs.

Enterprise Servers

As cloud services and the IoT markets expand over the next decade, enterprise server facilities will increase at a rapid rate. If your products use gold finishes for backplane, DDR and many other interfaces, you are most likely looking for alternate solutions in order to control cost of highly fluctuating precious metal finishes. Xtalic solutions help you reduce and in many cases remove the amount of gold used as a final finish while ensuring you have the performance you need for high and low end applications. Our XTRONIC© and LUNA© solutions have the ability to help with this need.